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Team uses sticky notes for failure analysis
Quality Management
Maren Behrendt

The Ishikawa Diagram – A Quality Tool for Failure Analysis

Failure analysis in quality management is essential to achieve high quality – Kaoru Ishikawa already recognized this in the early 1940s. To this day, the Ishikawa diagram he developed is therefore part of the seven quality tools for failure analysis in QM.

Traffic cones on a keyboard symbolize that there is still a lot to do in terms of digitalization.
Lea-Maria Anger

7 Common Errors in Digitalization during Corona

VPN problems, security gaps, overburdened employees – digitalization can be a tricky business. Especially in the current push of digital transformation, triggered by Covid-19, things can go wrong in the rush.

Networking across the globe
Marc Osenberg

Brave New VUCA World?

I often read or hear that today we live in a VUCA world: a world without fixed rules, where basically anything is possible. But what does that actually mean – for us, the economy and our processes?

Three quality managers exchange views on the monitor
Lena Weger

My Path to Project Management

At Babtec, over 30 project managers ensure that customers quality management function perfectly and that