Hands hold several gears together
Lutz Krämer

How Management Systems Contribute to the Ecosystem for Quality

Ecosystems are not new – the forest, for example, shows that they are something natural and function well. Ultimately, it makes sense to organize quality management in an ecosystem as well. I see such an ecosystem for quality as an ideal that is already fulfilled in its beginnings.

Three wooden blocks with the letters TQM
Quality Management
Maren Behrendt

Total Quality Management (TQM) – A Practicable Philosophy

T, Q and M: three letters that in combination result in a long history, a deep meaning and great relevance in the present and the future. Read here about the philosophy behind the term “Total Quality Management”.

Women in leadership: Dagmar Henkel, Head of HR at software manufacturer Babtec
Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf Bergisches Städtedreieck

Women in Leadership: The Strengths of Women Must Be Utilized More Effectively

Goodbye stereotypes! The Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf Bergisches Städtedreieck (“Center of Excellence Women and Career”) spoke with our head of HR, Dagmar Henkel, about women in leadership, untapped potential and to-dos for companies.

Deming: Four steps to quality
Maren Behrendt

Quality Has a Father: Dr. William Edwards Deming

Have you ever heard of Deming? Or perhaps of Total Quality Management (TQM)? What Dr. William Edwards Deming has to do with the TQM idea and why he is also referred to as the father of quality can be seen from his story.