Women in leadership: Dagmar Henkel, Head of HR at software manufacturer Babtec
Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf Bergisches Städtedreieck

Women in Leadership: The Strengths of Women Must Be Utilized More Effectively

Goodbye stereotypes! The Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf Bergisches Städtedreieck (“Center of Excellence Women and Career”) spoke with our head of HR, Dagmar Henkel, about women in leadership, untapped potential and to-dos for companies.

Cloud technologies: a laptop connected to a cloud
Lea-Maria Anger

Cloud Technologies: When the Way to the Cloud Makes Sense

So which is more secure: cloud technologies or locally installed software? Since the hacker attack on Microsoft’s on-premises software “Exchange Server”, our previous beliefs about security in IT seem to have been turned upside down. We get to the bottom of this question!

A magnificent turkey stands on a green meadow
Dr. Markus Reimer

BANI World: The Awakening of the Turkey

The future has been here since 2020 at the latest. Quite differently than everyone expected. Guest author Dr. Markus Reimer explains why we no longer live in a VUCA world, but in a BANI world, and why we need to get out of the turkey mode.