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Ecosystem for Quality

Icon leaf, networking

It might sound odd at first, but it’s actually quite simple: the woods have been around for over 400 million years, and demonstrate how relationship structures can be built so that everyone benefits optimally from this ample experience. If we translate this concept to quality management, we quickly see that we should be striving for nothing other than an ecosystem for quality. What’s essential here? Above all, we need excellent cooperation, naturally.

Green office building
Maren Behrendt

Interview: The “Ecosystem for Quality” in Everyday Working Life

The cooperative togetherness in the forest exemplifies a functioning ecosystem for us: each member contributes to the overall benefit of this ecosystem and benefits from the added value created by the cooperation of the members. The question remains what an “ecosystem for quality” actually means in concrete terms in the world of quality management.

Hands hold several gears together
Lutz Krämer

How Management Systems Contribute to the Ecosystem for Quality

Ecosystems are not new – the forest, for example, shows that they are something natural and function well. Ultimately, it makes sense to organize quality management in an ecosystem as well. I see such an ecosystem for quality as an ideal that is already fulfilled in its beginnings.

A man uses the Internet of Things to control processes in the factory
Marc Osenberg

Internet of Things: A Different Form of Collaboration

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes an infrastructure that allows virtual and physical objects to function in a network. Read this BloQ article to find out what exactly this means and whether this somewhat different form of collaboration also has an impact on quality management.

Quality Management

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What are the latest news and challenges in quality management? In the following articles, you will find exciting information about this and also case studies that show how our customers master their quality management.

Wooden blocks with the letters "ISO" under a magnifying glass
Benedikt Sommerhoff

No Revision of ISO 9001. A Statement by Benedikt Sommerhoff

ISO 9001 will not be revised. We asked Benedikt Sommerhoff of the German Society for Quality what he thinks of this decision and what it means for companies. In the article, he reveals what change he would have considered sensible and how organizations could save resources in their quality work.

A diver in front of an ISO9001 lettering
Dr. Markus Reimer

ISO 9001:XY? – A Dive with Four Tips

No revision of ISO 9001 – but still a lot to do! Join our guest author Dr. Markus Reimer on a dive and discover the treasures that ISO 9001:2015 still has to offer.

Employees work in the factory of WILD
Emmerich Kriegl

Smart Collaboration in the Cloud

Close networking with suppliers in the supply network requires adequate digital tools. In this case study, the WILD GmbH reports on its experiences with the cloud-based platform BabtecQube.

Team uses sticky notes for failure analysis
Maren Behrendt

The Ishikawa Diagram – A Quality Tool for Failure Analysis

Failure analysis in quality management is essential to achieve high quality – Kaoru Ishikawa already recognized this in the early 1940s. To this day, the Ishikawa diagram he developed is therefore part of the seven quality tools for failure analysis in QM.

Keyboard with an ISO 9001 key with a confirming check mark is pressed.
Lea-Maria Anger

ISO 9001 – No Revision in the Near Future

News from the world of standards! ISO 9001 will not be revised for the time being. This has been announced by the responsible technical committee. Details of the decision and the plan for the coming years can be found in our article.

Cultural Change

Icon Culture Change

Times change – and so does our corporate culture. We want to focus on mistakes: Are mistakes really that bad? Or don’t we actually need them in order to get better? How can change management be successful? And what methods are there in quality management for dealing with failures?

Empoyees are visualized as wooden figures
Lutz Krämer

9 Arenas of Digitalization: Context and Morals

The quality policy defines the framework for all quality management activities and processes. In this BloQ article, you will find out why such a quality policy – if it is actually lived in the company – is decisive for sustainable success and must also be morally justifiable.

Babtec Insight

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What’s new at Babtec and what moves us in our daily work, we would like to show you in our Babtec Insights with small insights.

Product Manager Felix Krause talks about the guided 8D report
Lea-Maria Anger

My Favorite Feature in BabtecQ: the Guided 8D Report

What do you actually like most about our software? In this edition of the “My Favorite Feature” article series, we asked our product manager Felix Krause which feature in the BabtecQ or BabtecQube software is his personal favorite. In response, he gives us a detailed insight into a very special optimization of the complaints management module, the guided 8D report.

Graphic with a heart and a portrait image of Anna Heinemann on the classic Babtec grid in the background
Lea-Maria Anger

My Favorite Feature in BabtecQ: the Dashboard

In our new BloQ series, team members from Babtec present their favorite features in the software solutions for quality management. Software developer Anna Heinemann kicks things off with the dashboard in BabtecQ.

Interview with our head of HR Dagmar Henkel
Lea-Maria Anger

How New Work and the Pandemic Change Our Working World

We spoke with Dagmar Henkel, a long-standing HR executive and head of HR at Babtec since 2019, about the opportunities and tasks that companies now expect in terms of meaningfulness, leadership and corporate culture.