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Q.Magazine 2021/22: Exciting News from the World of Quality

Finally, the time has come again: the new Q.Magazine 2021/22 is here. Our annual industry magazine once again offers a wide range of technical articles, case studies and the latest highlights of our Babtec software. Take a look right now!

Read articles on the following topics, among others, in the current Q.Magazine:

  • The Woodland Company: Dr. Stefan Rösler and Dr. Klaus-Stephan Otto provide interesting insights into the “Woodland Company” and show why we can still learn a lot from nature when it comes to cooperation – and ultimately why we should also strive for an ecosystem for quality.
  • Failure – a Blessing and a Curse: In his guest article, professional juggler and speaker Andreas Gebhardt offers a somewhat different perspective on the topic of “positive failure culture”, which is essential for a functioning cooperation in the supply network.
  • All’s Well when ISO Does Well? – Opinions on ISO 9001:2015: For now, there will be no change to ISO 9001 – we simply wanted to know how it has been received in the world of academia as well as in practice and have asked employees of the University of Wuppertal and the medium-sized company Caramba Chemie for their thoughts.

Here in our BloQ, the download is available for you as a PDF – in addition, there are many other interesting articles on the topics from the current Q.Magazine to discover.

Marc Osenberg

Marc Osenberg

Content marketer with one goal: posts with and about quality. As a blog editor, he provides you with interesting articles on current quality topics.

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