A man uses the Internet of Things to control processes in the factory
Marc Osenberg

Internet of Things: A Different Form of Collaboration

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes an infrastructure that allows virtual and physical objects to function in a network. Read this BloQ article to find out what exactly this means and whether this somewhat different form of collaboration also has an impact on quality management.

Employees work in the factory of WILD
Emmerich Kriegl

Smart Collaboration in the Cloud

Close networking with suppliers in the supply network requires adequate digital tools. In this case study, the WILD GmbH reports on its experiences with the cloud-based platform BabtecQube.

Scales, laptop and judge's hammer on a desk
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Caterina Feld

Update on the Supply Chain Law: It’s been passed!

In March, we reported on the draft for the Supply Chain Law. This draft was passed by the German Bundestag in June 2021 and confirmed by the Bundesrat. The Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Law (LkSG) – or Supply Chain Law for short – will initially apply to companies with more than 3,000 employees from 01.01.2023.

Team uses sticky notes for failure analysis
Quality Management
Maren Behrendt

The Ishikawa Diagram – A Quality Tool for Failure Analysis

Failure analysis in quality management is essential to achieve high quality – Kaoru Ishikawa already recognized this in the early 1940s. To this day, the Ishikawa diagram he developed is therefore part of the seven quality tools for failure analysis in QM.

Wooden blocks with the inscription "Kaizen"
Quality Management
Maren Behrendt

The Kaizen Principle: Tried and Tested, Yet with Its Pulse on the Times

Many methods from quality management find their origin in Japanese philosophies: so does the Kaizen principle. What sounds at first like a beautifully designed garden with bonsai trees is actually a philosophy from which various practical methods for QM have emerged.

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BabtecQube for modern quality management on various end devices

Process Complaints with the BabtecQube.

Connect with your customers and suppliers now via the BabtecQube to work together on quality processes.

About Babtec

Babtec - The Solution for Quality

Our core competence: innovative software for quality. With the intuitive usability, modern technology and future-proofing of our QM solutions, we enable professional, digitalized quality management.

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Scales, laptop and judge's hammer on a desk
Maren Behrendt

Update on Supply Chain Law: Draft Available

In our blog article from October 2020, we reported on the discussions surrounding a potential supply chain law. What was still hypothetical four months ago moved a step closer to reality in the middle of February. At least in a defused form.

Dr. Markus Reimer in front of a bookshelf
Dr. Markus Reimer

Quality Is Everything!

When it comes to quality, we often – all too often – tend to think in tiny dimensions. We need to increase our awareness of the impact quality has – and then act accordingly. A massive undertaking for us all, albeit one that is worthwhile!