A graphic illustrates the cycle of the 5S method
Quality Management
Maren Behrendt

5S Method for More Order in the Workplace

Hand on heart: Is your workplace tidy? Do you always know immediately where which item is? In this article, we will introduce you to the 5S method, which, when applied correctly, makes workplaces look like new in the long run.

Maintenance of a machine by the employee
Quality Management
Lena Weger

What are preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance?

Maintenance is important because every successful business should place a value on keeping its assets running. But what is the best approach to maintenance planning? This article introduces the approaches of preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Employees work jointly at a computer
Marc Osenberg

OpenAPI: One Standard – Many Possibilities

Well-documented application programming interfaces (often just called API) are a prerequisite for developing programs or applications. In this BloQ article, we would like to take a closer look at a standard for describing APIs: the OpenAPI specification.

Cover Q.Magazine 2021
Marc Osenberg

Q.Magazine 2021/22: Exciting News from the World of Quality

Finally, the time has come again: the new Q.Magazine 2021/22 is here. Our annual industry magazine once again offers a wide range of technical articles, case studies and the latest highlights of our Babtec software. Take a look right now!

A factory consisting of plants
Lutz Krämer

Sustainability and Quality – a Symbiosis?

What role does sustainability play in modern quality management? Read why the concept of quality should be rethought in order to meet the requirements of sustainable products and processes.

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Cloud technologies: a laptop connected to a cloud
Lea-Maria Anger

Cloud Technologies: When the Way to the Cloud Makes Sense

So which is more secure: cloud technologies or locally installed software? Since the hacker attack on Microsoft’s on-premises software “Exchange Server”, our previous beliefs about security in IT seem to have been turned upside down. We get to the bottom of this question!