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My Favorite Feature in BabtecQ: the Dashboard

What do you actually like most about our software? This is the question behind the new BloQ series “My Favorite Feature”. We asked our team members, who work with the software solutions for quality management every day in a variety of ways and from different perspectives. Today, software developer Anna Melanie Heinemann kicks things off with her favorite feature in BabtecQ.

What Is Your Favorite Feature In Our Quality Management Software Solutions?

My favorite feature is the dashboard in BabtecQ, which has been part of our software since the R7 release in 2019. The dashboard is more or less a starting page from which users can directly get an overview of all the information from BabtecQ that is relevant to them. Whether key figures, open tasks, evaluations, news or even funny gifs – with the dashboard we have really created a practical all-round overview.

Before the dashboard, there was already a welcome page, but it had a much smaller feature set and, to be honest, it also looked a lot less fancy. We transferred the existing functions of the welcome page to the dashboard, so that users who had previously used the welcome page could continue to work directly in the dashboard without losing any data or making any changes.

View of a software welcome page with several tiles to overview, evaluations and shortcuts.
Old welcome page in BabtecQ R6
Dashboard of the software for quality management BabtecQ with integration of the Quality Cockpit, various other important key figures, diagrams and links to documents as well as overviews
The Dashboard in BabtecQ since Release R7

And speaking of users: the dashboard was actually a request from our users. Our product management team took up this idea and expanded it considerably during the design phase – after all, we wanted to make it particularly attractive and efficient.

What Is Special About the Dashboard in the BabtecQ Software for You?

For me personally, the dashboard is special because it was one of my first major projects at Babtec. I’ve been part of the team since 2018 and was involved in the project quite early on. As part of it, I helped program the transfer of the old welcome page as well as all the new tiles of the dashboard. I had a lot of fun working on this project, so that just remains something special.

Software developer Anna is sitting on the swing in the meeting room, laughing. Next to her is Felix, her colleague from product management, who is also laughing.

But even independent of my personal experience, there are simply some highlights on the new dashboard. Particularly noticeable, of course, is the image tile, where you can store images and – as luck would have it – even GIF files. This tile has already been very well received in our internal product training sessions and customers like it a lot, too.

Another visual, but also practical highlight are the view tiles with large numbers, which show, for example, open tasks or other important key figures at a glance. Here you can individually configure for which number the color changes. For example, I could say: up to the number of five open tasks, the view tile is colored green, up to ten open tasks yellow and from then on red.

Furthermore, very noticeable and at the same time very useful is the implementation of the Quality Cockpit tiles into the dashboard. This also allows me to see the important quality indicators and evaluations directly when I start using the BabtecQ software. And speaking of evaluations: pivot evaluation charts can also be mapped to the dashboard via tiles.

There are many more options, such as the notes tile, tiles for individual data sets of particularly frequently used modules, or the document tile with the interface to BabtecQ Go. What’s really special about our dashboard is how individually and effectively it can be designed with all these tiles via the dashboard designer.

Why Should All BabtecQ Users Take Advantage of the Dashboard?

The dashboard is incredibly beneficial for our users. This starts with the visual design options. Alongside the skin designer, which is also very versatile, the dashboard can be adapted to your own corporate design; the image tile, for example, allows you to place your own logo.

On the content level, the most useful feature is that I can provide everyone in the company with dashboards that are tailored to their respective roles. This way, all team members see exactly what is relevant to them, instead of being overwhelmed by a jumble of unnecessary information. For example, a person who processes complaints may not be interested in the inspection data. This person then sees only data records and evaluations relating to the complaints, and can navigate directly to the data from the tiles. The efficiency gain is enormous. If configured appropriately, everything you need can be accessed directly from the dashboard.

The dashboard has also been very well received by our users. It is a real benefit for our software, as all key figures and their history can be managed at a glance. And it also looks good at the same time.

This Was the Favorite Feature of ...

Name: Anna Melanie Heinemann

Job: Software developer

At Babtec since: 2018

Education / Studies: Master of Science (Information Technology)

Motto: One impossible thing at a time.

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