Quality Management and Sustainability
Quality Management
Lea-Maria Anger

Quality for Future

Ecological sustainability without quality? No way! Experts from science and practice will tell you why quality management and environmental protection are so closely intertwined.

Dr. Markus Reimer
Dr. Markus Reimer

Quality Is Everything!

When it comes to quality, we often – all too often – tend to think in tiny dimensions. We need to increase our awareness of the impact quality has – and then act accordingly. A massive undertaking for us all, albeit one that is worthwhile!

Marc Osenberg

Brave New VUCA World?

I often read or hear that today we live in a VUCA world: a world without fixed rules, where basically anything is possible. But what does that actually mean – for us, the economy and our processes?

Lena Weger

My Path to Project Management

At Babtec, over 30 project managers ensure that customers quality management function perfectly and that

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Process Complaints with the BabtecQube.

Connect with your customers and suppliers now via the BabtecQube to work together on quality processes.

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Our core competence: innovative software for quality. With the intuitive usability, modern technology and future-proofing of our QM solutions, we enable professional, digitalized quality management.

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Quality Management
Dr. Markus Reimer

Making Quality Management More Agile

Agility is the answer! To almost everything. As soon as we talk about an organization and its future, there’s no

Carsten Voet

Coming Full Circle

An All-Round Solution Is the Key to Success Digital transformation poses a challenge to many companies. Production processes are closely